The Bell Mission

The Bell Mission

Mission statements have traditionally been long and detailed, if not over-worded attempts to put words to a company's unique culture and values. Normally created over a long session involving careful deliberation and sometimes arguing, mission statements usually benefit those in upper management who created the statement in the first place. It is often the case that mission statements find themselves plastered on a wall and largely forgotten by the employees and totally unknown to their customers. 

For the Bell family of companies, it was determined to change the traditional mission statement into something that employees at every level could identify with and rally around. With a strong conviction to keep it simple and succinct, we came up with the idea of using a few keywords rather than extended ideas. Stewardship, Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit were the words we chose.  These keywords are acted upon, in part, through a focus on giving back, planning, human resources, and strong communications. We found that these keywords are representative of the ideals and family values upon which the company was founded. They are clear, powerful and able to evolve with the passage of time and a growing company. 



At Bell, it is our desire to be faithful stewards of those resources that we have been given and to use them in a way that reflects careful consideration. Those resources can include people, land, time, labor, families, customers, materials, and money to name a few. Based on performance, we are able to partner with organizations such as World Vision that has more of a global footprint as well as organizations such as Urban Homeworks in North Minneapolis who have a more local focus.



At Bell Lumber & Pole we don't expect perfection, but we do expect a passionate pursuit of continuous improvement based on our experience and knowledge. Our level of excellence is then measured by how well we apply that experience and knowledge. We realize that in business there will be costly lessons, but we strive to hold ourselves accountable and responsible to reap all the value from the lessons learned. It is more about the pursuit of excellence than it is arriving at perfection.


   Entrepreneurial Spirit   

From the early 1900's with Mert Bell Sr. staking out his reputation in the timber industry, to looking into new opportunities beyond utility poles, the spirit of entrepreneurship permeates the culture at Bell Lumber & Pole. Everyone is given the "green light" to bring ideas to the table on how we can run our business more efficiently, create new partnerships, or develop deeper customer relationships. It is part of our mission to create an environment that fosters entrepreneurial thinking so that the company has the best opportunity to succeed into the future.



Unconventional as this may sound, at Bell Lumber & Pole, the focal point of our business plans is not a targeted goal around net income and profitability, but is instead a targeted amount that we aim to give, with the goal of sustaining and then growing that amount each year.  It’s true that if we are not profitable, we will not be in a position to give.  But that subtle, yet profound shift in how we look at the ultimate goal of our business is what motivates us to work and serve with excellence, day in and day out.

In addition to giving, we also strive to be a company that serves and cares--both internally with our colleagues/co-workers, and externally, as we serve and care in the communities where we work and live, and across the country/around the world.