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Sidney, NE



The purpose of the Laborer is to assist the Framer in accurately setting the “face” of the poles, precisely and accurately drilling the proper holes, and placing the necessary gains.  In addition the Laborer will do the proper ground line preparation, as well as attaching identification tags on the utility poles. The Laborer is also available to assist the other employees with any physical tasks associated with the operation of the pole yard and treating plant.


·         Shaving with a drawknife, any areas missed by the mechanical shaver, and problem spots or repairing damaged spots on poles and other products.

·         Measuring and marking properly the locations of the gains, holes, tags and other associated parts of poles and other products.

·         Measuring ground lines, tops, knots of poles and other products for compliance with ANSI, AWAP, ASTM, REA grading standards.

·         Properly identify any defects, limited or prohibited, and apply the proper grading rules per ANSI, AWPA, ASTM, REA standards.

·         Drilling the holes with precision and accuracy per the framing instructions of the customers.

·         Performing the proper ground line preparation on poles that require it.

·         Install any and all associated markings per the customers’ specifications, including but not limited to; star locks, marking tags, specialty tags, burn brands, balance points.

·         Assisting with other duties as assigned by Management.