Utility Poles

Utility Poles

State-of-the-art wood preservation

Bell Lumber & Pole has some of the most sophisticated and environmentally safe pressure treating plants in North America. Two types of treatment are used: pentachlorophenol, a naturally biodegradable oil-based preservative; and chromated copper arsenate (CCA), a water-based preservative.

The preservatives increase the life of the poles by repelling water, improving dimensional stability and reducing checking and splitting.

Plants are equipped with full-length pressure cylinders that can treat poles up to 125 feet long. Closed-loop containment facilities, ensure environmentally friendly operations.

Bell Lumber & Pole meets or exceeds the standards for pressure treatment by numerous organizations in both the U.S. and Canada, including the American National Standards Institute, Rural Utility Specification, American Society for Testing and Materials, Canadian Standards Association, Canadian Wood Preservers' Association and American Wood Preservers Association.

Bell Lumber & Pole delivers!

Our sustainable forest resources, modern treating facilities and high volume production capabilities ensure on-time delivery of orders to customer standards and specifications. With on-site inventories of various lengths and sizes, we are well known for our ability to respond quickly to customers' needs and emergency situations. Delivery of poles can be made by rail or truck. Truck delivery includes options for conventional or self-unloader, jobsite and stake delivery. Self-unloading trucks allow for delivery to distribution yards or job sites at cost savings to our customers.