Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

The Premium Pole

Bell Lumber & Pole ensures product availability and on-time delivery.

Our sustainable forest resources, state-of-the-art treating facility and high volume production capabilities ensure on-time delivery of orders to customer standards and specifications.

With on-site inventory of various lengths and sizes, quick service can be provided in emergency situations.

Access to self-unloading trucks allows for delivery to distribution yards or job sites at a cost savings to you!

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The Benefits:

A Naturally Durable Wood
It's resistant to decay, fungi and insects.

Long Life: Best Cost-to-Life Ratio
With our treatment process, natural life can be extended up to 80 years.

Strength and Flexibility
Allows poles to withstand extreme weight and weather conditions.

Straight Grain
Less twisting after installation.

Light Weight
At least 30% lighter than other species. Makes handling and installation easier, and fits more poles per load.

Safer and Easier
For crews to climb because gaffs dig them into them easier, for safe footing.

Good range of lengths suitable for transmission and distribution.


Transmission Poles
 • Have line capacities of 33kV or higher
 • Lengths 125 feet and shorter available
 • Class 1-4 and H-series available

Distribution Poles
 • Lengths of 55 feet and shorter available
 • Class 1-7 poles and H-series available