Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine

Strong & Versitile

Bell Lumber & Pole ensures product availability and on-time delivery.

Our sustainable forest resources, state-of-the-art treating facility and high volume production capabilities ensure on-time delivery of orders to customer standards and specifications.

With on-site inventory of various lengths and sizes, quick service can be provided in emergency situations.

Access to self-unloading trucks allows for delivery to distribution yards or job sites at a cost savings to our customers.

Southern Yellow Pine (Pinus Palustris) has a long history of safe and dependable use as utility poles.  It is the species of choice for many RECs and investor owned utilities throughout Canada, the Midwest and Eastern North America.

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The Benefits:

 - An exceptionally strong wood.

 - American National Standard Institute (ANSI)
 - Rural Electric Administration (REA) approved.
 - Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved.
 - Versatile. Accepts many different treatments.