Laminated Wood Utility Poles

Laminated Wood Utility Poles

Engineered Poles


Did You Know?

Glulam utility poles can be
directly embedded in the soil?

They can also be handled by
regular line equipment for easy


Long Life, Proven History


Laminated Wood Systems, Bell Lumber & Pole Co. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, ALAMCO Wood Products, LLC, are proud of their long standing partnership that delivers high quality engineered, laminated and pressure treated utility poles across North America and beyond.


Laminated Wood Systems is the industry leader in designing and supplying engineered, time-tested glue laminated structures to the electric utility industry. Building on over 40 years of proven laminated wood history, LWS is continually designing new and innovative solutions to meet the needs of utilities across North America.


A Pole for Every Need

LWS supplies structures and pole systems from 25 to 165 ft. in length for any T&D application, including unguyed full tension dead ends. Since E-LAM® structures are made from an abundant, renewable timber resource, they are not subject to the shortages and surcharges common to other construction materials.


To receive a quote on E-LAM® structures, simply fill out the “Online Engineering Worksheet for Raked Poles” or the "Online Engineering Worksheet for Switch Structures" and our engineering and sales department will be happy to provide you with a quote.



To watch a video on the ability to climb and field modify E-Lam Engineered Laminated Wood Poles, click here