Spliced Round Poles

Spliced Round Poles


Did You Know?

Thanks LWS' patented steel design, Bell Lumber & Pole Co. is the only round wood pole supplier in North America who offers a spliced round wood option? 

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Creative Innovation

Using a patented steel design, round poles can be spliced to accomodate lengths up to 145'. The ability to splice the round pole enables utilities or contractors enables the following advantages:


Reduced freight costs

Rather than using required pilot cars, road surveys and expensive permits, a 140' pole can be carried on a conventional truck with little overhang.

Access to remote locations

Spliced poles are cut in half, enabling otherwise impossible turns and negotiation through busy city streets.

Overlength poles

Round poles usually max out at 125' due to both manufacturing and logistical constraints. Spliced poles enable an otherwise impossible application to be possible, up to lengths of 145'.


Proven history

The patented design of the steel used for splicing poles is the same steel used for Laminated Wood Systems' unique PhaseRaiser© structure raising system, where thousands of these applications exist in active utility lines.

Competitive lead times

Typically, spliced round poles have a shorter lead time than do other products in the same category.

Environmentally friendly

Using a natural, sustainable product, enhanced with a small amount of steel, spliced round poles are a good choice when you desire to reduce your environmental footprint.