Creating a Pole




From Start to Finish

A utility pole starts as a seedling, slowly growing with sound forestry practices. Bell Timber manages extensive forests in order to keep these precious resources sustainable for another 100 years. From the seedling, the forest is tended for many years before a tree can even be considered a utility pole candidate. Once large enough to create the proper balance of harvest in all sizes, we harvest the trees, de-limb, and truck them to our peeling and drying facilities.

Once these “barkies” are peeled and dried, they become whitewood. They are sized for length, classed for circumference, and finally chosen for customer orders. Our production team frames every pole by hand to each order specifications and then the whitewood is put into a “charge” for treating.The client approved treatment process is computer monitored. Industry specifications are checked and penetration levels are tested before the completed order is sent either by truck or rail to our customers across North America.


For certain species, we even give a life beyond holding a utility line. We continue to utilize that pole through our refurbished pole program, allowing for many more years of service life for that harvested tree as a shorter utility pole, barn pole, fence post or dock piling.