Forest Management


Seasoned Professionals

With Bell Lumber & Pole being the end user of many of the softwood products in North America, coupled with its experienced staff of professional foresters, it is only natural that we assist landowners with the management and marketing of their forest products.

Bell Timber’s professional forestry team provides timber management advice and administers timber harvests for private landowners. Whether you are looking to manage your land for recreation, hunting, or profit, our professional forestry staff can develop a harvest plan to meet your management objectives. Bell Timber incorporates best management practices for water quality and is committed to managing your forest resources under sound forestry practices outlined in Sustainable Forest Initiatives.

Bell Timber, Inc. offers a Management Assistance Program for private landowners who own forested land in selected areas of North America. Since 1966, this program has been helping landowners manage their forest land for wildlife, recreation, timber harvesting, and reforestation.

Before Thinning

BEFORE THINNING: A 44-year old red pine plantation ready for a third thinning.

After Thinning

AFTER THINNING: Selected trees have been harvested to allow remaining trees room to grow. The slash (tree tops) will decompose and return nutrients to the soil.

Mission Statement:

To provide sustainable forest management service and forest product marketing assistance through a long-term relationship for private woodland ownership throughout North America. 

Qualifications to join our Management Assistance Program

  • Minimum of 20 acres of forest land.
  • Half of the forest land must be in a red pine or a white pine timber type.
  • Minimum age of the pine must be 25 years.
  • Located in specific areas of North America.

Benefits of a Management Assistance Program

  • A forest management plan will be written to meet your ownership goals.
  • A Managed Forest Law Plan can be written for you at a discounted rate.
  • Implement the forest management plan when a timber stand is ready for a harvest.
  • Negotiate with a certified logger to harvest your timber.
  • Complete administration of the timber sale by a professional forester.
  • Prepare all required harvest documents for your review and signature.
  • Market the forest products harvested from your property.
  • Ensure all payments are made to you for the forest products delivered to a market.
  • Host an annual tree farm day to inform & demonstrate pertinent forestry topics.
  • If disaster strikes (tornado, wind storm, ice storm, etc.), Management Assistance Program members will be given FIRST PRIORITY to have their timber salvaged.
  • Periodic re-inspections are made to keep your forest management plan up to date.
  • Biannual newsletter keeping landowners informed of market conditions, various industry updates, and forest health issues.

For further information contact:

Juris Repsa
Management Assistance Program Manager
(715) 421-9713